Novas regras imigratórias para cidadãos europeus no Reino Unido

The Home Office has released an online kit for European citizens that wish to remain in The UK post Brexit. The aim is to prepare businesses, employers and immigrant communities for Brexit changes that may affect UE citizens in the country. The kit includes videos, step-by-step guides, leafleats, banners, and will be available for free on the British Government website. The guide was released last Thursday in a meeting with companies, government agencies and communitary groups in the UK. The secretary Sajid Javid, said on the occasion: “our system will offer safety and assuramce for EU citizens that live in the United Kingdom. Employers, charity institutions and industry groups will develop a vital role in guaranteeing they can reafirm the new immigration status in a quick and easy way. 

Still according to Sajid Javid, the kit will reach all European citizens living in The UK. The new system will be tested in phases still this year, but according to the Home Office, it will be completely available on the 30th of March, 2019 and the deadline for applications will be on the 30th of June, 2021. More details about how EU citizens and their families can obtain the immigration status in the United Kingdom will be published in the Home Office website and in Londonhelp4u’s blog.

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