The government has announced stricter immigration and citizenship rules to come into place after Brexit. Sajid Javid unveiled plans for a beefed-up “British values test” to replace the Life in the UK test for those looking to settle in the country.

UK nationals would suffer under skills-based immigration, EU warned Javid

The home secretary, Sajid Javid, has been warned by Brussels that the UK’s own nationals will suffer if it introduces a post-Brexit immigration system that discriminates between European citizens according to their skills.

Theresa May starts a strategic push to finalize Brexit

Theresa May will today begin a ten-day diplomatic push to nail down a Brexit divorce deal in time for an EU summit deadline.

Millions of Brits could be forced to pay visa-waiver forms to go on holiday in Europe countries

In the new immigration plan announced, tourists and business travelers from the EU would be required to obtain a pre-authorization to enter the UK. In contrast, millions of Britons may be required to apply for American-style visa waiver forms before going on holiday to European countries.

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