May wins “last word” voting about Brexit in the House of Commons.

The British prime minister Theresa May prevented, this week, the Parliament from having the last word about Brexit after making concessions to conservative pro-Europeans congressmen. The House of Commons has rejected, by 324 to 298, a Brexit amendment that would give the Parliament power to reject the result of negotiations with Brussels and that was motivated by the fear that the country would leave the European Union without a deal.

According to the Guardian, the new visa will facilitate the entry of foreign businessmen in the United Kingdom. This week the British Government confirmed plans to introduce a new startup visa. The Home Office revealed the plans on Tuesday evening. According to the government, the new visa would be released next Spring, and unlike the current version, it would be open to people who do not have a degree.

Theresa May plans to remove doctors and nurses from group that has a limited number of visas available to be issued in the United Kingdom.

Theresa May stated this week to a crowd of European financial chiefs that the Government plans to remove doctors and nurses from the restrictive visa regime in the United Kingdom, which would open space for hiring more professionals from outside of the European Economic area. The speech was considered by entrepreneurs as the first step to the reformation in the “Tier 2” visa system for qualified professionals.

Immigration officers compete in number of arrests to be awarded a cake

According to The Guardian, immigration officers are being encouraged to compete to arrest the largest number of immigrants suspected of being illegal in order to be awarded a chocolate cake or a box of roses. The names and occasionally the photographs of the most succeeding officers are affixed on the walls in their offices by the managers, in a hint of who the employee of the month will be, according to a PCS sindicate.

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