Os efeitos do Brexit na imigração do Reino Unido

The United Kingdom may offer a preferential treatment to some immigrants from the EU as part of a future commerce deal with EU. The proposal is part of a document published by the British government about the proposals of ties with the EU after Brexit. Even though the publishing is emphatic when affirming that free circulation of European citizens will come to an end after the transitory period, in December of 2020, the document says it’ll be necessary to acknowledge the “depth of the relation and close bonds between people of the United Kingdom and the EU”.

Government of the United Kingdom pauses hostile immigration politics after Windrush

According to The Guardian, the hostile immigration policy has been paused after the Windrush scandal. The aim is to avoid that more people who lived in the United Kingdom for over 30 years are “wrongly impacted”. The Home Office chief, Sajid Javid, confirmed the pause in the data sharing between services of the British government.

Trump says Europe is “losing” its culture because of immigration

President Donald Trump has criticized Europe’s immigration policies during an interview to The Sun, saying that “the amount of immigrants running away from violence and asylum seekers have caused the loss of European culture”. “And I do not say this in a positive way”, said Trump. “I believe that admitting millions and millions of people in Europe is very, very sad”. In the same interview, Trump criticized the prime minister Theresa May, saying that her “soft Brexit” proposal would probably kill any commerce deal with the USA.

Secretary of European Comission criticizes Brexit after England’s defeat

The secretary of the European Comission, Martin Selmayr, has provoked discontent this week with a tweet that mocked England’s defeat in the World Cup. Martin Selmayr has posted a series of EU flags and emojis just a few minutes after the match in Moscow. Fans interpreted the message as mocking, referring to the fact that two EU countries – France and Croatia – had made it to the finals.

photo: skynews

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