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Switch your Tier 4 student visa to Tier 2 work visa

When you are about to finish your course, many thoughts can cloudy your mind: jobs, career and, of course, your visa. If you are studying abroad, you valuate an international experience and you should not waste any opportunity to stay in the UK and improve your professional life.

At this point, you probably went through all the pressure that university can take from someone and we congratulate your achievement. Is very important to keep this in mind when you want to pursue a career and not let anything stop your dreams from coming true.

The hardest job is to get a job!

If Tier 4 is your current visa, the next step is to receive a job offer from a company that is licensed by the Home Office to sponsor workers under Tier 2 visa. After that you are very close to stay in the UK (with your family or dependents!).

Tier 2 is a Points Based System visa and you must score points for attributes – that includes having a valid certificate of sponsorship, English language skills and funds.

The decision is usually within 8 weeks of the application date if use the standard service. After approved is possible to stay in the UK for up to 5 years.

Important: make sure your current visa is still valid before applying for the new one AND you must not travel outside of the UK until you get a decision.

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