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LEGAL MINUTE: No deal Brexit and more immigration news of the last days

The European Union said it’s ready for the U.K. to leave the bloc without a deal and isn’t planning any further contingency measures. From Bloomberg.

Man granted visa to see son collect doctorate says he is ‘in a dream’. Home Office initially refused to grant visa to Scottish Refugee Council chief executive’s father. From The Guardian.

Sajid Javid has said he wants to see an end to tough rules on overseas students being allowed to stay in the UK to work, arguing for what he called a more “flexible, sensible attitude” to immigration. From The Guardian.

The possibility of a no-deal Brexit is very much alive. This means the UK would immediately leave the European Union (EU) with no agreement about the “divorce” process. EU citizens in the UK can apply for settled status, allowing them to remain even if there is a no deal. From BBC.

LEGAL MINUTE: Brexit, new PM and immigration

There are currently 11 candidates to replace Theresa May as prime minister and Conservative Party leader. The deadline for nominations is the week beginning 10 June. One of the biggest issues for the candidates is where they stand on Brexit – an issue that has split the party and cost Mrs May her job. From BBC.

Three people found guilty of running a student visa scam have had their sentence increased by the Court of Appeal for being too lenient. From Gov UK.

Woman threatened with deportation while in coma ‘still fearful’ despite being granted 12-month visa. From Independent.

The number of EU citizens turning to therapy to cope with their stress and anxiety over Brexit is on the increase, a mental health expert has said. From The Guardian.

Many EU nationals do not trust the UK government’s settled status scheme and are being pushed to apply for British citizenship to secure the position of their families, new research by the University of Birmingham’s Eurochildren project has found. From Birmingham.

The government should guarantee the rights of EU citizens living in the UK through legislation to back up the flawed EU Settlement Scheme, an influential committee of MPs has said. From Free Movement.

LEGAL MINUTE: migration rules should be relaxed; 200 Europeans a day applying for British citizenship and more

Migration rules should be relaxed for vets, web designers, psychologists and architects from outside Europe, government advisers have said. From BBC.

200 Europeans a day applying for British citizenship amid Brexit fears. From Free Movement.

The Migration Advisory Committee has called for an end to restrictions preventing restaurants, pubs and hotels that offer a takeaway service from employing chefs from outside the EU. From Big Hospitality.

A city MSP is calling for special “festival visas” to stop overseas artists and performers heading for Edinburgh’s arts extravaganza being refused entry to the country. From Scotsman.

A public body that advises the UK government on immigration policy has recommended including more programming and software development jobs on the shortages occupation list which would make it easier for employers to bring in skilled tech talent from outside the European Union. From TechCrunch.

As tradicionais cabines telefônicas de Londres viram micro bibliotecas

As conhecidas “menores bibliotecas de Londres” são passeios únicos para os amantes de livros

Quem é um leitor fiel sabe que ir em qualquer livraria ou biblioteca pode ser um passeio de horas e mais horas. Mas e nas bibliotecas montadas dentro das minúsculas cabines telefônicas londrinas, quanto tempo você demoraria? Desativadas por consequências do tempo e pelo surgimento de tecnologias melhores, as icônicas cabines ganham a nova função de empréstimo ou doação de livros usados.

A antiga cabine telefônica da esquina da Loampit Hill com a Tyrwhitt Road, por exemplo, virou uma pequena e singular atração turísticas para quem gosta de literatura. A Lewisham Micro Library – como ficou conhecida – é um ponto de troca de livros. Qualquer um é livre para chegar, escolher um livro e levar para casa, mas desde que reponha outro no lugar.

Essas micro bibliotecas incentivam a leitura ao mesmo tempo que valorizam um dos principais símbolos londrinos, aliás, quem não lembra de Londres quando vê uma cabine dessas? Com essa nova função, elas permitem que mais pessoas tenham acesso aos livros. Num mundo cada vez mais digitalizado, ganhar um livro físico pode ser uma experiência nostálgica e inspiradora.

Estima-se que existam 150 cabines ganhando novos usos por Londres. As primeiras bibliotecas em cabines começaram a surgir 10 anos atrás e hoje estão por toda cidade. Doadas pelo governo, as instituições de caridade começaram a vender as cabines por £ 1. Claro que todas precisavam de reformas com iluminação, vidros quebrados, desgastes, mas quem adquire uma já tem grandes ideias do que montar dentro delas. Quando caminhar por Londres, atente-se se nenhuma cabine telefônica é uma biblioteca!

Por Natalia Fernandes