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The Brexit transition period ends this month, December 31. Brazilians with dual citizenship, who wish to live in the United Kingdom, have until this date to enter the country and guarantee free movement, easily get jobs and other guarantees.

Many doubts still confuse those who are planning to move to another country and settle here. Check out some of them and the main immigration guidelines.

My European citizenship is still in progress, can I enter and apply for Pre Settled?

No! The application of the Settlement EU requires the passport or identity of a European, therefore, without any of these documents being issued, it is impossible to apply as a European, as well as it is important that you have already entered the UK before 31.12.2020.

I am European in the UK and I will marry a Brazilian only in January. Will she be able to come after the wedding?

Yes. However, since the relationship with the marriage certificate was after 31.12.2020, your wife will be able to apply for a visa under British Law, UK Immigration Rules. Unfortunately, you will not be able to benefit from applying within the Settlement Scheme Law (European).

I have been in the UK for 6 years with my Spanish passport and have not yet done the Settlement. Until when can I apply?

You can apply now for Settled Status, which means you can stay in the UK indefinitely. The application deadline is June 2021, but our recommendation is to do it as soon as possible to avoid any obstacles in the process.

I am Brazilian and I do not have European citizenship. What changes to go to study in the UK in 2021?

As before, you will have to apply for a student visa. Some criteria of the new immigration system have been modified to make the process simpler. The best way is to know the details of the course and period you intend to study, in order to know the best visa to apply.

I already have Pre-Settled for being Italian and UK resident. I am going to Brazil in December and will return only in February 2021. Will I have a problem entering the country?

In general, you will have no problem. The maximum time you can stay outside the UK with Pre-Settled Status is 2 years. For those who have the definitive visa the term increases to 5 years.

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  1. Como abrir uma conta bancária se pedem comprovante de residência. Eu acabei de chegar p morar c meus tios e não consigo abrir uma conta? Grata

    1. Olá, enviaremos um e-mail com as informações de como podemos te orientar com este caso. Obrigado pelo contato!

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