See the guidelines for those who have European citizenship and have already applied for Settled or Pre-Settled Status

Despite the huge Coronavirus crisis and the constant changes that are happening in all aspects of our lives, post-Brexit negotiations are still continuing. In addition, the UK government’s scheme, which allows Europeans to stay here, remains * almost * unchanged.

It is a fact that the government continues to receive applications and Brazilians residing in the United Kingdom, who have more than one citizenship, being one of them from some country in the European bloc, have the right to remain in the country legally, through the Settlement Scheme.

Here at LondonHelp4u we have helped many families to guarantee this right and that is why we separated the main details to be aware after you make the application.

Application done!

If the registration is successful, you will receive a letter via email confirming your status: Settled or Pre Settled. You will not be able to use this message to prove your status.

View and check status

Most applicants will not receive a printed document. You can see your status online and you can also share this status if you need to prove it to an employer, or to the NHS, for example.

Who receives a document?

Only non-European citizens receive the biometric card, if they do not already have one.

Application error or refusal

If the Home Office finds an error in the process, it will be necessary to correct or also provide more evidence before they can make a decision.

In the event of an error in the Home Office decision, you can request an administrative review.

For now…

Until June 30th 2021, it is still possible to prove your rights in the United Kingdom with your passport or national identity card or even with a biometric residence document. Remember that all citizens and family members of Europeans must apply for Settlement before this deadline.

British Citizenship

In most cases, it is possible to apply for naturalization after 12 months as Settled Status.

LH4U X Coronavirus

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