New immigration route for students in the UK

With the end of the transition period approaching, the UK government continues to release updates about the new immigration system. The latest news is related to foreigners who wish to study here, including citizens of the European Union.

From 5 October this year, international students who come to study in the UK after 31 December 2020, will need to apply for the new student visa before arriving in the country.

To apply for this visa, the candidate needs to reach 70 points through three criteria: offer of the institution and qualification of the course, level of English and financial proof.

  • Course: offer from approved sponsoring institution and course with an approved qualification
  • English: speak, read, write and understand English according to the standard required by the course
  • Finance: the ability to support yourself financially while studying in the UK

Can a student work?

This will depend on the level of the course and the educational institution. After checking these criteria, there is the possibility to study and work, even with a student visa.

In addition, undergraduate students who graduate in the UK will have access to Graduate Visa, which will allow students to stay and seek employment in the country for up to 2 years.

To remember: European students residing in the UK, before December 31, 2020, do not need to enrol in the new system. These candidates and their families are eligible for the European Union’s Settlement Scheme.

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